Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Summer Reflections, Senior Preview

One week from today I will be headed back up to Boone. I'm excited about moving back in to the house, and certainly looking forward to the first cookout at the Stone House (although the best cook in the house will be MIA - Nathan - until September 13). It's been a solid summer for real in my opinion. It's hard to believe this is my last one though as a student.. well, unless I am seminary bound next year which I hope to be. I've definitely felt more of the reality of the fact this is my last student summer, as I see less friends from high school still around town, and also I had two internships in 'the real world'. Those were indeed enough to make a kid happy about getting one more year at college though. But anyways, After spending six weeks with Jenny in China, I've spent these past five weeks working for my dad at Coyne Beahm Shouse advertising as a copywriter. It's been a cool experience, although definitely lonely on many occassions up there in that cubicle. The second half of the summer I've gotten the chance to spend some time with Turner which has been great. He is by far one of the coolest guys I know, a great spiritual leader and encourager, and besides the basketball team at UNC, TK is one of the only reasons I'd rather be at Carolina this year. Anyways, just thought I'd update everyone on what's going on in my life. If you are searching the internet and stumbled across my blog via facebook, or somewhere else, and have some time, check out They had some great articles in July, and also have some good ones in the archives. I mention that because Boundless is the best office mate out there for down time in the cubicle. I'm out for the evening. Looking forward to seeing all you App folks in a week, and Chris.. since you one of the only faithful readers of my blog that I know of.. just want to let you know you are clearly putting my blog to shame with your stories of Tyler Hansbrough, and shooting air rifles with your wife! I'm jealous.