Sunday, May 14, 2006

First week in the 'Du

It's Sunday afternoon here in Chengdu, and I just returned from a quality breakfast at 'Del Mar' with Jenny, Al, and WJ. I've been here about 5 days now, and have definitely enjoyed being back in China. This is my first experience in China apart from being on a trip with a large group, and it has taken some getting used to.. as I've missed the excitement of being with folks who are experiencing China for the first time, and being in fellowship with friends. But, getting the chance to be with family, and seeing what it is like to live over here full time with Jenny and Alex is going to be a great experience, and I've already learned a lot just in this past week.. jet-lagged and all. An unexpected event happened thursday afternoon, as I threw out my back in the apartment. No, I'm not the old man that it sounds like I am, I actually strained it initieally Sunday afternoon by hoisting my bro over my shoulder (accidently). But then after 30 some hours of travel, I guess all that sitting upright wasn't best for it.. and then finally Thursday I pulled the last straw that broke my back you could say. I'm going on my 4th day of resting it today, and I'm definitely ready to spend an afternoon hanging out in Chengdu, and not laid up on the couch reading/sleeping/watching movies.. but He is certainly good, and I can't complain about the rest. I'm also thankful Jenny has been around the apt. to pick up things I drop, give me advil, etc.. My back has felt that best yet today.. so hopefully this week it will continue to improve. Tomorrow I begin interning for the Chengdu Daily/Weekly newspaper. Right now the plan is to work there MW and Thurs., with tuesdays and fridays studying 2 hours in the mornings with Jenny's Chinese tutor, and also helping Alex with some stuff. I'm unsure of all the internship at the Chengdu Weekly will entail, but Alex assured me it was good to be flexible concerning it. The weekends will probably consist of hanging out in Chengdu, doing some hiking, hanging out with WJ, etc... and also taking a trip down to Kunming in June to visit everybody. I believe thats all the news for now, I'm going to hit up the couch.. and either throw in a movie, read, or listen to a podcast (which by the way are stinkin awesome to have over here). Hope all is well in the states.

Saturday, May 6, 2006

Summer in Chengdu

This summer I will be in Chengdu, from May 9 to June 30. I will be working for the Chendgu Daily a few days a week, assisting with the weekly English newspaper which is published on Saturday's. The rest of the week I will be helping Jenny and Alex with anything they need, working with a friend of theirs on a web magazine he's starting up, and hanging out with my beautiful niece Wendy Jane. Hopefully, if I can get good internet access while over there, this blog can serve as your source to my life (as my brother put it) while I'm over there. I can also get emails while I'm over there, at, which will probably be the best way to stay in touch. I hope everyone has a great start to the summer.