Saturday, May 10, 2008

Acadia National Park

With exams finishing up this past Monday, a few guys from Seminary and I decided to take a camping trip as sort of a debriefing after our first year finished. We went camping Sunday through Wednesday up in Acadia National Park off the coast in Maine. We used an article out of Backpacker magazine as our tour guide for the trip, and covered about 30 miles and most of the peaks on the island in 2 days. Acadia is beautiful, and while it isn't really close to much (about 5 hours NW of Boston), it is definitely worth making the trip to see. The coolest thing about Acadia is that it brings the best of both worlds together... the mountains and ocean... which makes for some breath-taking views from the top of the peaks. Backpacker recommended going to Acadia in early May, to avoid the summer crowds, and it turned out to be good advice... we probably only saw 6-8 other hikers in two full days on the trails. If you want to see more pics, they are on my picasa page... but here are just a couple shots from Bubble mountain, and the Beehive trail... And a video on Sargent Mtn.