Wednesday, October 18, 2006

13 miles and a battleship

I am now an official participant in the Battleship half-marathon in Wilmington on Sunday, Novemeber 12. While I was a little indicisive these past few weeks about whether I'd be up for another half-marathon (I did the Raleigh half-marathon my Senior year of high school), I finally decided to do it. Andrew, Daniel, and Jacob are the other guys running in it from the Manor, and a few girls we've been friends with since freshman year will also be running in it. I'm getting excited about it finally, and setting out to beat my time senior year, which was 2hrs, 2 minutes. That would be averaging 9 minute miles I think, which shouldn't be too difficult, although I feel like it's harder to run as fast now as I did in high school (something about 2 years of campus meals, some age, and weight I guess), but anyways I won't make excuses. Well, if anyone is interested in running in it (Jenny, if there's anyone you can come back from China for the weekend), you can still sign up by Novemeber 1st. Well, I'm headed to run with Daniel, then I think we are headed camping for the night. Hope everyone has a good fall break.

Friday, October 13, 2006

AP Concert

Tonight one of my collegiate dreams is coming true. No, I am not going on a date with a girl I think I will marry. Nor, am I playing in an Appalachian State basketball game after being drafted by a scout who was running around the indoor track at the rec center and saw me lighting up some three pointers in a pick-up game. Tonight, I am going to see Andrew Peterson and Jill Phillips play a show in Greensboro. Andrew Peterson has been one of my top two favorites artists since entering college - Derek Webb being the other. Although Andrew and I had a difficult first meeting in high school, as I discarded his cd because I didn't like his voice, he grew on me, as I grew in my taste of music in college. So although my dreams of playing competetive basketball, and meeting the girl of my dreams shall wait another day, Andrew, tonight we meet... Well, me in the audience, you on stage... but nevertheless, it's going to be tight.