Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The home stretch

I am now officially done with 2 of my Spring semester classes... with only 1 take-home exam remaining which is due Monday, and a project due next Friday. It kind of feels like I am in that last leg of a race where I can see the finish line...

This weekend Lynn and I are going down to New Jersey for her cousin's wedding, so I feel like I can finally take a deep breath for a moment from these hectic last few days of exams and get ready for one last push after Matt's wedding.

This semester has all in all been really productive. I got most of my required classes for Theology out of the way during my first three semesters, so I was able to take more electives this semester with professors I've wanted to take. I also had the opportunity to take a class on Christian Schools, which was definitely timely as I have been applying to a few different schools to teach at next year in North Carolina.

This being my first semester married, I have actually been surprised at how much being married has benefited my student life. Wednesdays in Portsmouth gave me the opportunity to catch up on reading and assignments, and I think I so wanted to spend time together in the evenings with Lynn, that it made me work harder during the days. So, anyways... definitely a plus of married life that I wasn't expecting!

Well, I will keep everyone posted over these next few weeks as to how things finish up here, and any job replies that I hear. Next Friday Lynn and I are heading down to Charlotte for Andrew & Suz's wedding... and are looking forward to seeing friends from NC for the first time since the wedding!

- MB

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Warm New England April?!

The last few days here in Beverly have been exceptionally warm, and I simply won't complain. We broke out our air conditioning window unit on Saturday because it was that hot in our apartment. From what Michael remembers of last year and what New Englanders tell us, this hot weather is quite unusual for April and really, for the whole summer. It is 8am right now and the temperature shows 70. Today's high is 92, 92 folks!! But, I know I must take advantage of today's weather, because tomorrow the high is 56. Are we in Boone? Anyways, I thought I'd share a few photos from our afternoon in sunny, warm Boston on Saturday. We even enjoyed some gelato in the North End- Michael's first tasting of this delicious delicacy!We hope you are staying cool in this warm front!


Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Hey blog readers~

So sorry we have been "sloggers" (slack bloggers) recently. Michael has been finished up the semester and Lynn traveled to Charleston last week for work and friends. We hope to have an entertaining post up soon. Don't give up on us! :)


Monday, April 6, 2009

The beahms come to boston

This past weekend Chris and Melissa came up to visit Lynn and I in Boston. Chris and Melissa were the first family members from my side that we have seen since the wedding, so we were really excited they decided to make the trip up here! It was also Chris's first time to Boston since he was 6, so it was cool to be his New England tour guide. Chris and Melissa flew in Friday around noon, so Lynn took a half-day and we brought them back up to Beverly for lunch. We then headed over to GCTS to give them a quick tour of campus, and then headed up to Newburyport, a summer hot-spot on the North Shore. Unfortunately it was in the 40's and raining, so we mostly stayed in the shops around Newburyport, most of those being candy/fudge shops. We always said it was for Melissa and the baby, but we all definitely enjoyed the fudge, and chocolate covered peeps. We then got dinner at a place called Grog, which turned out to be one of the best meals Melissa says she has ever had!Saturday morning I headed in to Boston for my weekend class and then met up with Lynn, Chris and Melissa for lunch at M.I.T., in which we determined that Chris would have gone to M.I.T. if we had grown up in Mass. We then walked around Boston a little bit, seeing the Boston Common, Newbury St. and finally Fenway before heading back to Beverly for Lynn's homemade pizza and the UNC-Nova game. Sunday morning we enjoyed a big waffle breakfast and then went over to Jaho coffee shop in Salem for a while before taking Chris and Melissa to the aiport. We loved spending time with them this weekend and hosting them on our stomping ground! We welcome any other family visitors this summer! Thanks for coming up Chris and Melissa, we had an awesome time, and are looking forward to seeing you guys this summer and welcoming baby beahm in to the world!Oh yea, we found out this weekend that Melissa and baby Beahm really like grapes too!!! :)- MAB