Tuesday, October 21, 2008

11 Weeks Out

In light of some of my good friends' blogs (aka www.unclewis.blogspot.com) who are counting down to major events in their lives, I thought I would start that here, as Lynn and I have only 11 weeks until our big day!

While I can't track our progress in size of fruit (see the Lewis's blog), I can say that we can track our time in events so-to-speak. This past weekend Lynn's brother Joe was married in Chapel Hill. Part of the reason Lynn and I are getting married when we are was to be after Joe and Kerry b/c they were engaged about 6 months before us. I feel like we have been wondering what life is going to be like now that our wedding is next up. We definitely got a lot of those questions at the wedding this weekend... like are you ready to be standing up there in only a couple months, etc... And to answer that question I still definitely am! I am learning however, how much actually goes in to planning a wedding. I've been trying to be as involved as I can b/c grooms are notorious for letting the bride make all the decisions, and while I am thankful Lynn is on top of everything far more than me I have been trying to be actively involved in the decision making and trying to lighten her load a bit.

So, to wrap this up... I will give a summary of where we are at:

Last week we met with Kendra Adachi (our wedding director) in the Atrium to discuss how the ceremony would be laid out.

We got our rings ordered at Mark Holder Jeweler in GSO, and I found at that traditionally the groom pays for the bride's ring and vice-versa. Nice!

We met with one of my dad's friend who plays the bag-pipe and are considering having him play at song to open the ceremony.

We got the invitations written out, and my mom graciously addressed all of the envelopes... she is amazing!

We downloaded a bunch of music for the reception as our friend Matt is emceeing and we are playing music from an I-Pod.

All of this to say... things are really shaping up for January 3rd and we hope you all are getting excited like us. More updates are hopefully on their way in the coming weeks!