Saturday, May 14, 2011

DIY and a baby shower

As I mentioned in my last post, my biggest dad duty the past few weeks has been working on the baby room. Last week I did some brainstorming on what to put on the walls and almost pulled the trigger on some cool handmade artwork off the website Etsy, but after being inspired by a co-worker, decided to make some artwork myself! I feel extremely accomplished after pulling this off considering I was thinking of a plan B during every brush stroke in case it didn't turn out! Sticking with the soccer and basketball theme, here is a pic of the finished product. It's acrylic paint on 12x16 canvases.

While I was putting the finishing touches on the art for the baby room, Lynn was at a baby shower which was put on by a good friend of ours she used to work with at Arcadia. Carrying a baby tub and a wreath made of diapers, I realized that things are about to get a little different around here... :)

I think I have the same shirt except about 20x bigger.

All kidding aside Lynn had a great time at her shower, got some great tips and handy supplies for the upcoming months. Often times we miss not living closer to family, but with so many of our friends loving on us and Cooper, it makes me confident we will have a great community here in Charleston for him to be born in to!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Baby to BEahm

As most of you probably know, Lynn and I are expecting a baby boy (Cooper) on July 22. Lynn is feeling (and looking) great these days and we are overjoyed about being only a couple months (11 weeks to be exact) away from the due date now. With Lamaze and prep for parenting classes in full swing this week, I'm realizing just how close we are to Cooper being here, so naturally I've focused all of my attention on getting his room ready. Last weekend we bought some block letters and I painted them green to hang over the crib.

My gracious parents let us have a dresser/changing table they used with us growing up, and my brother and I refurbished it over Easter weekend in Raleigh. Chris polished up the hardware and extended the changing table a couple inches to fit a new changing pad. It turned out better than we could've expected! My dad also definitely wins "Opa" of the year for driving it all the way down to Charleston this weekend!

While we are definitely anxious for July to be here, we are trying to soak up all these experiences that come along with expecting your first baby and we really appreciate everyone's encouragement, generosity and wisdom along the way! (MB)