Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bo Sox game

Parking at the Prudential Center: $15
Fenway Frank: $4.50
Bud Light: $7.50
Experiencing Fenway for the first time: Priceless

Yesterday, I went to my first Bo Sox game since being up here in Mass. The Red Sox played the Los Angeles Angels, which could be a potential post-season match up, so not only was it my first experience at Fenway, but it was also a great baseball game. Unfortunately, the Bo Sox lost 6-4, but it was close the whole game, and they had a chance to win it in the 9th. The atmosphere at Fenway is unlike anything I've experienced before. The tradition of the Stadium. The passion of Red Sox nation. I was just soaking it all in last night. The highlight of the night was definitely Big Papi going yard to tie the game. And, Manny threw out a guy trying to score from second. Baseball's value definitely rises when you are at the park, more than merely watching it on TV, but this is especially true of Fenway because the atmosphere is so amazing. So, my recommendation is not to graduate GCTS or visit Boston without seeing the Red Sox play!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Honeymoon Destinations

So, I'm in the process of looking at Honeymoon destinations. I went to AAA yesterday and sat down with a travel agent to look at a few different places Lynn and I have been thinking about. While I'm not going to reveal where we are leaning towards going, I would like to know if anyone has recommendations, or any advice on honeymoon activities or destinations based on your own trip? I've never really been on an exotic vacation before, so yesterday was brand new to me. Most of our family trips had a historically redeeming value, whether it was at Williamsburg, or in Charleston. And while I always had fun on those trips, sitting on the beach somewhere it is hot and sunny in mid-January is a higher priority for us than sight-seeing this time around!

Monday, April 7, 2008


- May 22, 2007 Skybus Airlines flew its first ever flight from Ohio to California.
- October 22, 2007, Skybus Airlines named Greensboro its newest major hub.
- March 24, 2008 Skybus CEO resigns
- April 2, 2008 VP of Operations at Skybus resigns.
- April 4, 2008 Skyus shuts down and cancels all flights from here on out.

These are some of the major highlights in the short-life of Skybus airlines. I received a call from a frantic Lynn on Friday night saying, "Michael, did you hear? Skybus Airlines just went bankrupt... my mom just saw it on CNN." I immediately ran over to my computer at 10:30 p.m. and sure enough found an email that read...

"Dear Skybus customer,

We regret to inform you that Skybus Airlines will cease all operations effective 12:00 a.m. Saturday, April 5. As a result, your Skybus flight has been cancelled...

Skybus struggled to overcome the combination of rising jet fuel costs and a slowing economic environment. These two issues proved to be insurmountable for a new carrier."

So, with about 8 hours remaining before my flight, Skybus let me know that they were taking their ball and going home... without me. So, at that point I called my brother who was in Greensboro and said, "Bro, Skybus just went bankrupt. I need you to help me find a flight out of Boston for the morning." Within a few minutes we found an American Airlines flight out of Boston to RDU at 6 a.m.

My flight experience that morning was hardly what I received on Skybus. No more tongue-and-cheek comments from the flight attendants trying to sell us beef jerky. No more Caribou Coffee served in-flight. No more free long term parking at Peace Airport in Portsmouth, NH. No more light-hearted conversations with the person next me about how inexpensive our tickets were. No more people raising their hands when the flight attendants asked who were the $10 ticket holders. All of these great experiences were now but a memory.

I honestly hope Skybus make a comeback. They brought good business to smaller towns like Portsmouth, Greensboro, etc... And allowed businessmen and students to travel more often to and from major cities like Boston, NYC, Chicago, etc... via smaller airports. But, it would have been nice for them to go out on a high note, like finishing their flights, or even giving refunds (rather than through passenger credit card companies). Skybus really made a valiant effort to make their low-cost concept take flight, but given the market right now it just wasn't the right time... and the way they went out makes me think they aren't going to be making a comeback anytime soon.