Wednesday, February 28, 2007

In my mind I'm gone to Gordon-Conwell

Yesterday, I opened up my Yahoo email, and had an email from Gordon-Conwell. I emailed them earlier in the day to see if they received my recommendation from my high school youth pastor. I assumed the email was regarding the recommendation, and that at the earliest, I might hear back from GC around Spring Break after they had some time to look over my application. To my surprise, in a very brief response, the GC Admissions office said, "Your file was actually reviewed yesterday and you have been accepted!" I couldn't believe it, I reread the email like 10 times before telling anyone else, because I was in complete shock. Anyways, after a yelp from Andrew, some affection from Jacob, and Brian looking up from the computer (which I took as him affirming me with congratulations)... I took a lap around the yard, and called my parents who were excited, as well as surprised at how soon I heard. Hearing from Gordon-Conwell has definitely been the highlight of the week, if not the semester, and while I am still going to finish my application for Wheaton Graduate School it is reassuring to have plans following graduation.