Monday, September 28, 2009

What I've been reading lately...

Head on over to my Five Foodie Friends blog to see what I have been obsessing/reading about.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fun News

As most of you know, Michael and I are both obsessed with basketball- both playing and watching. I coached a 10u girls AAU team while in college (with assistants David English and my brother!) and have really been itching to coach again at the high school level. After waiting four years, I am happy to announce that I will be an assistant coach for Wando High School's girls varsity basketball team!

The first official game is November 25 with workouts starting next week. I am sure I will have many stories to share in the coming months!


Sunday, September 13, 2009

The making of the cornhole set

This past week I had off between projects at work, so I decided to make good use of my time and build a cornhole set. I finally have the space required for this kind of project, so it just took acquiring the right tools and materials for the project. I found some thorough instructions at, which I used as a guide for the project, and put to use the skills I acquired from building floors at Dutch Barns. Lynn encouraged me to take pics along the way, so I posted them for you all to see step-by-step how I built it.

Doing some preliminary planning on Labor Day night

After acquiring a jigsaw from the Avera's, buying a drill and the 2 x4's from Lowes, and the plywood from the Flemings, I cut wood for the cornhole base. It was a bit tricky cutting out the 2x4's with a jigsaw, but it turned out well.

The finished cornhole bases with everything but the legs (seen on the sides). Just used basic wood screws to drill the 2x4's together and the plywood down on top.

Cutting the legs was tricky as I had t0 cut a 99 degree angle on the bottom with the jigsaw, then round the tops so the leg can rotate. Just used a carriage bolt to attach the legs to the base.

Cutting the actual hole in the base was tough (because I didn't want to mess it up after coming this far), but having a jigsaw certainly made it easier!

After cutting the hole and adding the legs to the base, it was time to paint. I primed the board, then added the black paint on top in the design I had chosen. It eventually turned in to an "A" after Lynn's recommendation for Appalachian as you can see below!

The finished cornhole boards! Now for the bags...

Lynn at the Avera's on Saturday making the canvas bags with Rhea's sewing machine.

It may have been her first attempt, but as you can see they were flawless!

The dried corn kernals for the filling of the cornhole bags. I only needed 8 lb's of dried corn feed for the bags (l lb per bag), but the feed store only sold it in a 50 lb. bag. We have a lot of dried corn feed leftover in our garage if anyone wants some.

The 8 finished black and gold cornbags

Trying out the finished cornhole set! Can't wait to take it tailgaiting up in Boone, and bring it to Beahm family gatherings!

- MB

Labor Day Fun

Michael and I had a great Labor Day weekend hosting Jenny and Josh in Charleston. Joe and Kerry were also in town with their friends, too, but were definitely occupied with the seven children staying in their house at Isle of Palms. We didn't capture too many photos of the fun weekend, but we did manage to get some snapshots from the ASU-ECU game viewing party, or what was suppose to be the viewing party. DirecTV decided at the last minute to block the game on MESN in all of South Carolina. We had nearly fifty people at the Kickin Chicken ready to cheer on our Apps, but only disappointed fans left the restaurant. It would have been great to watch the comeback! Oh well, I am sure they have heard the complaints by now :)

Jenny and Josh before they hit the road.
Oh, and I got a rosemary plant to join my porch of plants. Yummo!


Friday, September 4, 2009

The Weekend of Weddings

Last weekend Michael and I went adventuring to 2 North Carolina weddings and had a blast. The first one was in Charlotte: the wedding of Sara Gates and John Chidester who are part of the fabulous App Family. After their sweet vows, we partied down on the dance floor in typical App Family fashion. John lived with Michael for a semester, and John & Sara are both good friends of ours. They have been together for over 4 years, so it was really special to share this day with them!
The Chidesters, FINALLY!
Red head lovin'...Michael would not take part- he is in denial. :)
Kat has THE best hugs and energy...they are contagious!!
Our wonderful hosts for the weekend- Matt and Kat Fleming. We love staying with them!! Thanks guys for being who you are...and "rocking" it out!
Me with Ellen (& the Pea in her belly) and mama Gibbs :). Good luck moving this weekend Bruces! I am going to miss you during Homecoming weekend Bec!
After the Chid wedding, we headed up to our beloved Boone on Sunday to attend the wedding of Betsy Cottrell and Matt Kraus. Opposite of the Chidesters, Betsy and Matt have only been together for less than a year. However, their love for each other shined just as bright and was so visible to everyone! Look at this smile on Betsy. :)
The setting for the wedding was just breathtaking. We sat on the extended front lawn of the Cottrell home, and the Boone mountains nestled just beyond where the couple said their "I do's." It was really dreamy. The reception followed just in front and behind the Cottrell home. We gobbled on spaghetti and DELICIOUS wedding cake made by Betsy's grandmother. We also spent some great quality time with our precious friends Morgann and PK.

All in all, we are so glad we got to be a part of BOTH of these beautiful celebrations of love. Each one displayed their love for each other and the Lord in their own unique ways. I love weddings!