Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Family Feud

The Red Sox rolled over the Indians Sunday night in their third straight win in as many games, completing a dramatic 3-1 come back in the ALCS. That set the stage for an unexpected but sure to be exciting World Series matchup. The Rockies are the hottest team in baseball right now, while the Red Sox have the most dominant pitcher in the majors and a dynamic lineup filled with clutch hitters. You may have been thinking to this point that the series is important because it crowns the 2007 mlb champion, but for the Beahm family it takes on different significance, as my dad is a Rockies fan and I am a Red Sox fan. We are not fans of our respective teams simply because we like cheering for them, but because of a greater connection. My dad is a fan because he grew up in Colorado, and went to college at the University of Colorado at Boulder. My mom also went to CU and her brother still lives outside Denver (however, I think she is secretly pulling for the Bo Sox). I am a fan because Gordon-Conwell is located right outside Boston, and I go to church in the city, so naturally I have become a die hard Red Sox fan as seems to be the norm up here. Starting Wednesday night, you can be sure that I will be tunned in, cheering on the Sox, because more than a championship is on the line... bragging rights are at stake too. But regardless of who wins, the Red Sox have one thing going for them that the Rockies don't, and that is the support of my niece Rachel.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

half-way home

This week marks roughly the half-way point in my first semester at Gordon-Conwell, and in some ways it is hard to believe I've already been up here nearly 2 months, while in other respects it has started to feel natural to come back to this place. This past week has been huge in terms of getting connected on campus. I feel like I could have hit the ground running a little more when I came up here in September in terms of meeting peopple, but when you know your best friends are in another place, it can take some time and some breaking of pride to desire building new relationships. Nonetheless, over the past week the Lord has really given me a desire to build more relationships as well as the opportunities to do so. A few guys and I met for the first time last night in what we hope to be a weekly meeting where we encourage one another, pray for another, and check up on one another to make sure our studies in spiritual things have not sidetracked, or worn on our daily walk with the Lord. Also, this past Saturday I took a trip up to Stowe, Vermont with a few guys to eat, hike, and look at leaves. That trip was definitely the highlight of the semester for me. Apparently Stowe is one of the top 100 places to visit (I guess that makes it about 99 behind Boone), but it certainly did not dissapoint. Well, I'm off to eat and finish some homework before the Red Sox play tonight. I'm sure in my previous home, "the office" would take precidence over the playoffs tonight, but there's no contest up here.