Thursday, January 29, 2009

Buzzer Beaters

Since Lynn and I have been getting up around 6 to get her off to Portsmouth these past couple weeks, our nights have been ending earlier. We usually start winding down around 9:30, and nearly every night one of us ends up falling asleep on the couch. Unfortunately last night was one of those nights, and Lynn and I both fell asleep during halftime of the UNC - FSU game, which we both thought Carolina was running away with. Apparently FSU fought back after being down at the half, and it took some last second heroics from Lawson on a mid-sprint floater from three point range to get the W. Unbelievable. Hopefully we'll be seeing a picture like this one again in April?

Lawson's buzzer beater was only one of two amazing finishes last night in the ACC though, with Wake pulling off the upset of #1 Duke on a pretty in-bounds play that left four Duke players standing around wondering what just happened. I mention this game for my dad who teaches in the MBA program at Wake and is a big Deac fan.

Well, hopefully everyone was able to catch these exciting ACC finishes or see the highlights from Wednesday night. It was definitely a great night for College Basketball... or at least Wake & Carolina fans. I'm pretty sure Lynn and I will be pushing our bed time back from now on as well.


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Honeymoon in Rivieria Maya, Mexico

I thought I would go ahead and put a post up about the honeymoon for anyone that hasn't heard from us directly about how amazing it was. I've edited an email for the blog that I sent to our AAA travel agent who helped me plan the trip that summarizes our experience at El Dorado Royale in Riveria Maya, Mexico... Special thanks to my brother (as well as other travelers via who helped me sort through the ridiculous amount of Honeymoon options out there, and helped me select a good one!

El Dorado Royale was wonderful. The resort is gourmet inclusive, so the food was delicious. No buffets that sit out in the sun and go bad... all food is made to order. 7+ different restaurants on the property including fondue, oriental, italian, mexican, and others. Each with 4 course options from soups, to salads, appetizers, entrees, desserts etc... that were all very unique, and very tasty. My wife and I felt like we were at 4-5 star American restaurants wherever we ate. We found ourselves talking about how great the food was more than anything else I think.

Second, the service at the resort really made the trip for us. All of the employees, from servers, to maids, to entertainment staff always had a smile on their face, and were very approachable. Sometimes they would just stop us to ask us about our trip, where we were from, etc... One morning, we were the only couple wanting to play Bocci, so two staff members from the resort were nice enough to play us... although we won in a landslide.

Finally, the resort itself was beautiful. Very well-kept, and no major issues with the room or anything. They had swim-up bars which were really cool. Lynn is not a big fan of mixed drinks... but I usually brought her a margarita anyways since it was all-inclusive, and ended up drinking mine and the rest of hers.

On the way down to Cancun we got bumped up to first class for free thanks to my wife's charm and a really cool steward on the plane. Definitely recommend this place to honeymooners to Cancun in the future. We loved it so much we actually never left the resort (partly because we were on a budget), but also because we just didn't see the need to. The only thing we paid extra for was jet skis for an afternoon because we both had always wanted to try it out.

Lynn and I have both talked about wanting to go back for an anniversary. We would definitely recommend it for anniversary and honeymoon trips... or just a very relaxing vacation!


Friday, January 23, 2009

News & Record Wedding Announcement

My dad emailed the link below to me this morning. It's Lynn and my wedding announcement from the News & Record online. There's a great picture of Lynn in it (as seen on left) and also a brief description of our wedding, and the honeymoon that Lynn wrote up. Enjoy.

Oh yea, and isn't my bride stunning!

News & Record Wedding Announcement


Tuesday, January 20, 2009


It has been nearly three weeks since Lynn and I were married, and we are both loving many different aspects of married life so far. Primarily, I think we are both just enjoying living in the same place right now, as all of our dating relationship was spent long-distance. Anyways, now that Lynn and I are married, and all moved in to our new* (I've been living here since September) apartment in Beverly, MA, we had to change our blog which was formally titled "Pre-Beahms," since as Justin Lewis pointed out, we are now the "post-beahms" you could say. We wanted to be original in titling our blog and steer away from copying Chris and Melissa by using "The Beahms" again. I also wanted to avoid "Junior Beahms," "new Beahms," "Beahms the second" or anything of that nature to distinguish between us and our predecessors, Chris and Melissa Beahm. So based on our fan-hood and love for our Alma-Mateur, we settled on App Beahms.

We hope everyone had a wonderful time at the wedding, we certainly did! Thanks to our friends and family for doing so much at the wedding/reception and all the behind-the-scenes work that went in to preparing for our big day. We really appreciate everyone there! I have included a couple pictures from the reception that our friends took. We should be getting our professional shots back in a couple of weeks from Mr. Murray... but you may have to make a trip up to Boston to see those (which neither Lynn or I would mind very much)! There are also pics of our honeymoon and our apartment in Beverly that Lynn put up on Shutterfly which I will put a link to below if you haven't seem them yet.

Honeymoon in Mexico
Our First Home

Finally, I want to give mention here of our good friends Justin & Holly and the imminent arrival of Baby Lewis. I believe today is the due date for Holly, so the baby is bound to come any day now!! The App Beahms are very excited about this, and wish we could be down there in Winston-Salem to celebrate with you guys when she comes!