Sunday, August 3, 2008

ASU vs. LSU: A Championship Matchup

For those of you that don't know, on Saturday, August 30 @ 5:00, Appalachian State will play LSU on ESPN for what will hopefully be another unbelievable upset. LSU is likely to be a greater test for us since they are the reigning National Champions in the BCS and (unlike Michigan) they have witnessed that ASU is well-coached and comprised of talented players that have the ability to put any team on their heels. I mean you really can't count ASU out after they outlasted Michigan last year in Ann Harbor, and brought home their third national title to Boone in the Championship Subdivision. So, in less than a month Appalachian State will travel down to Baton Rouge in what appears to be another David vs. Goliath match... but don't count the Mountaineers out just yet. If you aren't already hyped about this match-up, here is a preview of the game.