Saturday, September 10, 2011


I love running.  I love the endorphins a run can produce, as well as sore muscles and a clear mind.  I love how running can really take your mind off of something and help you feel like you're taking care of your body.  But I haven't run in 9 months.  Although I ran one of my best 5K's in years when I was 6 weeks pregnant with Cooper, I had to stop running when I was 8 weeks pregnant. Unfortunately the doctor put me on moderate bedrest because I started bleeding, but thankfully it stopped around week 12.  By then I hadn't run in 4 weeks, and I thought it would be too much on my body to get back into it. So I stuck with walking, swimming and lifting weights to stay in shape while I was pregnant.  I loved doing each of those things, but I really did miss running.  I was looking forward to getting back into it after Cooper was born.

That's why I was disappointed at my 6-week postpartum check up when my doctor told me I had a few more weeks to heal.  Running was going to be delayed.  Thankfully those few weeks have passed and I am finally feeling that my body is strong enough to start running. I've slowly eased back into it, but I am loving every step!  I've signed up for the Komen 5K Race in Charleston on October 15, but I'll likely be walking with my sister Jenny who will be 6 months preggo (Michael and her husband Josh will be running in it).  I plan to attack the Greensboro Gobbler 5K with only one goal to finish while running the entire time. 

Bottom line: I am ready to get this post-baby body back in shape!

(And a blog wouldn't be complete with a weekly picture of Cooper. Here he is at 2 months!)

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  1. You look fabulous right now little mama! So many new babies in 2011 and 2012 for your family..I'm sure your parents are in heaven! CONGRATS to your sis :)